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Meet Juliet

The road to motherhood can be long—filled with challenges, hope, uncertainty, and grief. It can feel lonely—like nobody truly understands what you’re going through. 

We do. 

We’ve experienced the stigma, the shame, and the judgement. 

We’ve been peppered with questions from friends and relatives about when we’re going to have a baby. 

We’ve walked to the checkout counter with ovulation kits tucked under our arms so that we can maintain some tiny sense of privacy in a process that can feel anything but private. 

That’s why Juliet has designed a better, more supportive experience—one that is built to bring comfort and certainty to moms in the making. 

No more inconvenient trips to the grocery store. No more unwanted conversations with well-meaning checkout clerks. No more uncomfortable questions from your mail carrier. 

Just the healthcare products women need and the support we crave, in one convenient spot. 

No matter what your fertility journey looks like, we’re here for it. If you’re a single woman feeling scared shitless as you scan the donor catalog. If you’re a toddler mama who’s trying to put on a happy face after your third miscarriage. If you’re just trying to get the lay of this wild fertility landscape. 

We’re here for your anger, your hope, your tears, and your joy. 

We see what a powerful force of nature you are, and we promise to remind you if you forget.