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Meet Our Founder

I’ve spent my career as a lawyer and nonprofit executive advocating for the rights of women, and after all my years of work, one thing is clear: women have had enough. We’re tired of the politicization of our bodies, of feeling like we aren’t doing or being enough, and the guilt—omg so much guilt!  It’s time to take back control of our most personal healthcare decisions and it starts here.

Becoming a mom was important to me—so I made it happen on my own terms. That’s the journey of the Juliet woman.

I’ve been there. And when I started contemplating having a second child and the fertility treatments that accompany my unique journey as a single mom, I was surprised by the amount of shame I felt around purchasing the healthcare products I needed to grow my family. It was in that moment that I set out to design a better, stigma-free and private experience for women who are working so hard to conceive.   

Whenever my daughter asks where she came from I tell her that I chose her. 

Because I did. And I still do, every single day.

I created Juliet for women who know what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. For the women who are tired of the status quo, who don’t play by the rules of the patriarchy, and prefer to do things their own way.

This one’s for us—the moms in the making.

Heather Smith,
Founder & CEO